Atelier Areti is an interdisciplinary design studio
established by sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer.

Gwendolyn and Guillane’s background is in visual arts – drawing and sculpture, architecture and design. Their work reflects this interest in both the object and space, exploring and existing between the sculptural quality of the object and its spatial dynamic.

‘We strive to develop something new and beautiful through our work. We are driven by curiosity and the desire to explore works that touch us on a deeper, direct emotional level as well engage us in a more conscious conceptual way.

These artistic ambitions need to be realized and developed in the actual material product. The material realization gives the design it’s place in our daily life. A well done object will be valued for a long time; we aim to create pieces that remain relevant through their beauty, function and quality.’

Gwendolyn and Guillane’s international background informs both their work and their way of working across countries, making Atelier Areti a multicultural studio at heart.

The design team works with Gwendolyn and Guillane between Trieste Italy and London UK.

Our manufacturing is mainly located in Germany. The lights are made there from start to finish. We make most of the single components in house and collaborate with local expert workshops for processes for which we lack specialized equipment such as galvanization or extrusion processes.

The making of our pieces require both – very skilled craftsmanship as well as cutting edge technology. Our pieces often need a very experienced craftsmen to perform delicate welding or polishing work by hand, as well as complex machined pieces that can only be made by state of the art automated technology. The manufactures are equipped with a number of sophisticated machines, which are regularly expanded, allowing us to make a large number of components specifically for our designs in house. 

We also work with a number of specialists in the areas of LED technology, electrical components, glass (both mouth blown and flat hand made) most located close by as well.

Our stone pieces are made in Italy and Greece mainly using local stones; both are countries with a longstanding tradition in stone-masonry and marble sculpture. The wooden pieces are made in central European countries with vast forests and local woods, thereby allowing us to source locally and sustainably whenever possible as well.