Tacchini furniture boasts a rich family history, founded in Brianza, Italy in 1967 by Antonio Tacchini. From the outset, the company has championed the concept of “beautiful living,” focusing on quality design and manufacturing. This translates into a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship. Each piece is imbued with a sense of heritage, achieved by using traditional techniques passed down through generations of artisans. They source their materials locally within Brianza, allowing for meticulous quality control at every step of the production process. This commitment to local sourcing also reduces their environmental footprint, ensuring a sustainable approach to high-end furniture design.

Tacchini’s vision extends far beyond mere functionality. They understand furniture as an art form, collaborating with renowned designers to create pieces that elevate any space. This dedication to artistic expression is evident in their long-standing partnerships with design luminaries. Together, they create furniture that transcends trends. Some of these designs have become true classics of modern Italian design, instantly recognizable for their timeless elegance and enduring quality. Tacchini’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and collaboration has cemented their place as a leader in the world of luxury Italian furniture.