Since its creation in 1995, Delcourt Collection has never ceased to grow and enrich its furniture catalog, while affirming a demanding and singular statement. Every year, some new pieces (dining table, coffee table, sofa, armchair, chair…) cast a new light onto this French company’s philosophy, which global reach has never been disavowed.

It is within manufacturing ateliers that Christophe Delcourt learned the publishing craft. There, he built himself and learned the gesture, the material, the know-how and the very demanding commitment making high-quality furniture requires.

Since the creation of the publishing house, back in 1995, it is hand in hand with guest designers (François Champsaur, Jean-Pierre Tortil, Tristan Auer, Forest & Giaconia, Charles Kalpakian, and Vincent Dupont-Rougier) and a network of craftsmen (cabinetmakers, ceramists, brass casting experts, upholsterers, stone masons…) that each piece has been drawn, designed and produced, writing the pages of a catalog that has already become one of the essential hallmarks in the French furniture know- how landscape.

Each piece bearing the Delcourt Collection stamp first stands as the affirmation of the prolongation between the designer’s hand and the one of the craftsman: a French excellency which favors discretion over ostentatious effects, but has none the less become a true signature.

In nearly 25 years of existence, Delcourt Collection has never derogated to its own requirements and fundamentals… However, the stroke is now freer : first of all, purer, it has gained in expressive-ness, daring more eclecticism, drawing its inspiration from an architectural element, a work of art, a material or an assembly technique. Without ever losing of sight the idea that a piece of furniture first stands as an element of valorization of the interior, an expression of comfort, and the witness to an era.