Maison Royère has revived the brilliance of Jean Royère, one of the most audacious, free-spirited decorators of the twentieth century, by manufacturing his most iconic and most unusual pieces of furniture.

Created in France from the designer’s personal archives and under the impetus of his heir, each piece has been crafted in the workshops of the most highly skilled artisans, using techniques and materials that best convey the spirit of his work.

Based in Paris, Maison Royère offers the innovative spirit and excellent craftsmanship that sets Jean Royère’s prolific production apart.

“I don’t think I ever subscribed to any particular school or theory, or succumbed to any preconceptions. I have no prejudices at all. For me, words like “functional,” “style,” and “contemporary” are meaningless.”
-Jean Royère

Jean Royère was a pioneering French designer, known for his significant contributions to the field of interior design and furniture during the 20th century. Born in Paris in 1902, Royère embarked on a career in design relatively late in life, after initially working in a family-owned import-export business. In 1931, he decided to pursue his passion for design and started working as a draftsman at a factory. His talent quickly became evident, and by the mid-1930s, he had established his own design firm. Royère is celebrated for his innovative approach to design, characterized by organic forms, vibrant colors, and an imaginative use of materials. His work transcended traditional boundaries, blending functionality with whimsicality, which appealed to a sophisticated international clientele, including royalty and celebrities.

Throughout his career, Jean Royère traveled extensively, drawing inspiration from cultures around the world, which he integrated into his designs. His projects spanned across Europe, the Middle East, and South America, showcasing his versatility and the universal appeal of his aesthetic. Notable for his contributions are the Ours Polaire (Polar Bear) sofa and chair, characterized by their voluptuous, rounded shapes and comfort, which became iconic pieces in the history of furniture design. Royère’s influence extended beyond furniture to encompass comprehensive interior designs that included lighting, textiles, and wall decorations, emphasizing a holistic approach to space. Despite retiring in 1972 and passing away in 1981, Jean Royère’s legacy endures, with his works continuing to inspire designers and collectors worldwide for their timeless elegance and playful sophistication.