Inata’s story begins in 2012, high in the Peruvian Altiplano at a staggering 3,600 meters. Struck by the biting cold, founder Clément Naudy was equally astonished by the warmth and lightness of the plaids worn by the local women. This encounter sparked a revelation: the ancient riches of alpaca fiber.

A few years later, in 2015, Naudy’s passion for this exceptional fiber ignited the creation of Inata. This brand embodies a commitment to natural materials, modern design, and informed practices. Inata serves as a platform to share the remarkable qualities of alpaca, the unique expertise of skilled artisans, and the resulting superior-quality products.

Inata’s mission is twofold: to preserve the heritage of alpaca weaving and empower alpaca ranchers. They strive to push the boundaries of sustainable luxury within the realm of decorative textiles.

The brand champions ethical sourcing, ensuring fair prices are paid for raw materials, specifically the coveted baby alpaca fiber. To deliver the absolute finest products to their customers, Inata maintains control throughout every stage of processing. This meticulous approach guarantees the utmost respect for both the artisans who create and the customers who experience Inata’s products.