Sylvie Enjalbert

Sylvie Enjalbert is a renowned French ceramicist, who we met through Christophe Delcourt. Her pieces adorned the Delcourt Collection presentation in Milan in 2023, and we love how her work feels legitimately organic and modern.

The surface of her containers show movements like little waves, created by the imprint of her thumb. These irregularities reveal the individual soul of the piece; the simple trace of a finger indicating movement and life itself. Her creations carry both ancestral and contemporary resonances, striving after universality.

“Through slow and meticulous work, I am trying to reach a form which appears simple and self-evident, as if it couldn’t be any other way. The search for balance starts at the base of the pot and continues through its entire form. The time taken in their making radiates from these pieces, clothing them in tranquility. Minimalist, each tiny handle, each little carefully placed ridge catches the light and directs the gaze towards a lingering contemplation.”