Dédale Outdoor


La Manufacture Cogolin presents a collection of outdoor rugs: interpretations of some of its best-selling flat weave patterns, woven for the first time with sailing cords.

Simple, classic patterns like Giens or Porquerolles are contrasted with strong graphic designs such as Maquis, Epissure, Topiaire, and Dédale from the 2015 Epissures collection, originally woven in raffia. The use of sailing cords provides a sturdy, resistant material that is as elegant for exterior areas as for indoor spaces.
Colorful, with sleek lines and a misleadingly soft texture, these rugs are produced using the traditional hand-craft of Cogolin’s ateliers, woven on 19th century Jacquard hand-looms in the south of France. From a simple crossing of warp and weft yarns in contrasting colors emerge elegant textures and geometric labyrinths.
In addition to the patterns selected for the collection, nearly all of La Manufacture Cogolin’s flatweave catalogue can now be produced using these new materials. Each rug is made to order in bespoke dimensions and colors, using a base of 4 standard cord colors – blue, white, beige and forest green.