A staple of French heritage, La Manufacture Cogolin has left its imprint on the decorative arts of the 20th century with its unique and expert craftsmanship. Since the 1930’s, the house has been renowned for the vanguard vision of its artistic director Jean Lauer. In the 1960’s, Irma Lauer took over the reins from her husband and lead the transformation of the atelier’s Jacquard looms, initially used to make fabric, into rug-making looms. Through this step, she ensured the company’s continuity into the 21st century. A testament to that time, “Les Intemporels” are graphic and timeless patterns underlined by textured finishings that remain refreshingly modern today. The rugs are either handwoven on narrow looms and sewn together, or flatwoven with raffia. The designs featured here have been chosen among the house’s archives and continue to figure among the best-selling patterns today.

Panels range from 50 centimeters to 3 meters wide. Warp in cotton, and weft usually in raffia, wool or linen.