The collection draws inspiration from the kinetic art of the late 1950s, utilising techniques such as moiré and tompe l’œil to allow shadow and parspective to give texture and depth to the rugs.

“This collection remains true to the values of Manufacture Cogolin while pushing the boundaries of traditional weaving,” declares Jean-Pierre Tortil, the previous artistic director of the manufacture. “I draw inspiration from the crossing techniques between the warp and the weft, to create a play of shadows and illusions whose visual effects break from the usual offerings of our flat weaves.”

Each geometric patternis expertly reflected in the colour, technique, and material of the rug to create a unique optical effect. The Union between the weft and the warp offers an hypnotizing perspective with an illusion of volume. Each design experiments with the shape and depth through striking graphics and bright chromatic colour pairings such as mustard yellow and olive green, peacock blue and orange red, and slate gray and khaki.